Payment Terms

Invoice Overview: Our invoices summarize the tasks performed and the hours dedicated to your project. We aim for straightforward clarity with every invoice to ensure you understand the basis for the charges incurred.

Detail Upon Request: Should you require a more detailed explanation or a breakdown of the tasks and hours billed, we welcome your request and will provide the necessary information to keep you fully informed about the services you're being billed for.

Timely Payments: The sustainability of high-quality and efficient services relies on the prompt settlement of invoices. We kindly ask that payments be made by the specified due dates.

Late Payment Fee: A late payment fee of 1% per month is applied to overdue balances, which compounds monthly. We understand circumstances can change; please communicate with us in advance if you expect a delay in payment. Discussions about waiving this fee can occur for clients who proactively reach out with their concerns.

Preferred Payment Methods: To streamline the payment process, we recommend the following methods:

Checks: Given the logistical challenges and processing time associated with checks, we advise against their use. If paying by check is necessary, please mail them at least 3 weeks prior to the due date to accommodate processing time. For a more straightforward payment process, credit cards or ACH transfers are encouraged.

Transparency in Billing: Our approach to billing emphasizes clarity and transparency. While we aim to provide comprehensive details upfront, we are always available to clarify any aspects of your invoice or our billing process.

Our commitment is to a billing and payment process that supports our mutual interests, emphasizing clarity, flexibility, and effective communication.

For any inquiries regarding your invoice, additional details needed, or help with choosing a payment method, please Contact Us. We're dedicated to ensuring your experience with us is positive and straightforward from beginning to end.